We first heard about Dr Eric Pearl and the methods he practices and teaches worldwide- Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection© - when they were offered to Swami Kriyananda in 2012 while he, 85 years old, was going through severe health challenges.
We then felt inspired to learn them and add them to our healing services, witnessing then deeply remarkable transformations in the people treated, healing from all sort of emotional, mental, spiritual issues, included depression, traumas, phobias, with consequent impact on their physical bodies , their personal relations, daily lives and material conditions.

The Reconnection© is a profound and unique experience that facilitates our own energetical balance, allows to Light and higher informations to travel throughout our body at all levels of our being and unlocks the acceleration of our well-being and of our evolution.

The Reconnection© is ideal for those who, in these times of enormous change, are ready and willing to enhance their awareness and accept the affirmation of their own divinely given power to unfold their deeper talents, create new possibilities and achieve the higher goals they set before incarnating, as an evolutionary program in this life time. Talents and goals related to new levels of joy, love, light, wisdom,peace, harmony, vitality, prosperity, for a life in contact and in tune with our Higher Self, within our own spiritual Journey to Self Realisation.

The theory at the basis of The Reconnection© explains that originally the lines of our bodies meridians were connected with the ley lines surrounding our planet. These grids were designed to continue outwardly , connecting us to a much wider grid, including the stars and the other planets, that connects us to the whole Universe.

With the passing of time, we started to disconnect from these lines and have lost contact with the fullness of our connection with the Universe. The Reconnection© reconnects the meridians of our bodies to the ley lines of the planet and to the big grid, connecting us again to our right place in the Universe.

Some of the benefits shared by people who went through The Reconnection© are: discovery of new talents and abilities that helped them to move on in their life path and towards their life purpose; the arrival of new possibilities; enhancement of physical energy; faster healing; stronger mental rejuvenation, clarity and concentration.

A period of 6-12 months of accelerated growth and change is common after doing the Reconnection©. The process then continues to evolve during our life.

The unique experience of each person will keep on evolving for her highest good and will manifest in ways different and specific for each one.

The Reconnection©: Sessions

The Reconnection© is done in two sessions, each one of about 40 minutes, to be received in two consecutive days or maximum at a distance of 72 hours. You will lay down on a massage table, closed eyes , completely dressed and the work will happen around you, entirely hands off. Differently from Reconnective Healing, can not be done at a distance nor in group.

It is recommended, although not mandatory, to receive one to three sessions of Reconnective Healing before The Reconnection©.


Cecilia and Vivek Sharma are not medical doctors nor claim to be so: they don’t make diagnosis or prescriptions, the methods they use can not be considered a Therapy in the common sense of the word and they don't guarantee specific results. They suggest to consult a medical doctor to take care of your physical state, recommending not to reduce or suspend the medical therapies that are already on course.