Healing with Yogananda: Prayers, Energy, Aum, Gong, Affirmations, Visualizations, Monocorda528Hz

Paramhansa Yogananda, Preghiere e Guarigione: Energia da mani, AUM, GONG, suoni, Affermazioni e Visualizzazioni
Marzo 21, 2020
Guarigione e Preghiere: AUM, Mahamritunjaya Mantra con Tanpura e Gong, Affermazioni, Visualizzazioni
Marzo 25, 2020

Healing with Yogananda: Prayers, Energy, Aum, Gong, Affirmations, Visualizations, Monocorda528Hz


With the intent to help alleviating the Suffering in the World at this historic time hit by Coronavirus and in order to help uplifting people energy, their vibrations and by resonance the frequency of the Planet:

With Paramhansa Yogananda’s simplest Healing at a distance Technique, Prayers, Visualizations, Affirmations.

Charging our hands with Divine Energy and chanting AUM accompanied by GONG to strengthen the Light in the World and send Healing Vibrations, Calmness, Strength, Courage, Trust, Love, Faith to the People and Areas affected by the Virus and hit by fear, worry, anxiety, insecurity, isolation and by all what comes with the sudden dramatic economic challenge.

Different category of Groups have been mentioned and addressed with Prayers one by one, included our own heart, mind and body.

✨The English speaking areas hit by the virus: especially India, New York, California, the US✨Those who are ill✨those who are scared to get ill and ✨are hit by fear and worry about the extreme new challenges;✨those who panic confronted by the sudden extreme uncertainty and insecurity: physical and financial✨the doctors and ✨all the hospitals staff; ✨those who are loosing their jobs; ✨the souls of those who leave their body and ✨their families left in grief and financial distress ecc.

Following, a 15 minutes HEALING SESSION at 4.50 with Energy charged hands, GONG, Quarz Bowl, Monocorde tuned at 528Hz, the frequency that heals the DNA.

✨🙌Aum Shanti Shanti Aum🙌✨

Program broadcasted FB LIVE streaming in English, Sunday March 22nd, 4pm-5pm CET, from Italy.-India 8.30 pm, NY 11 am, CA 8am.

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