Healing the Heart and Mind with AUM&Monochord 528Hz- P.Yogananda technique ‘Healing like Jesus did’

Guarigione di cuore e mente con AUM e Monocorda e Tecnica di P.Yogananda “Guarire come faceva Gesù”
Aprile 6, 2020
Tempo di Pasqua-Purificazione e Rinascita alla Coscienza Cristica con Yogananda, AUM&Nadhi Shodhanam
Aprile 8, 2020

Healing the Heart and Mind with AUM&Monochord 528Hz- P.Yogananda technique ‘Healing like Jesus did’

Palm Sunday, 5 April, Live Program in English

✨Strengthening the LIGHT within and around us, sharing it with all and the Planet in this historic time of Struggle, through P.Yogananda advanced Self-Healing and Healing at a Distance Technique “HEALING LIKE JESUS DID’’, taught in 1930, after Wall Street 1929 crash and the dramatic global Depression and Mass Poverty coming from that. (Text below)

✨Healing with the sacred Vibration of AUM chanted deeply in the HEART and the MIND, allowing it to “harmonise all the other vibrations” as Paramhansa Yogananda describes happening when one “let it pass through”, lifting our Frequencies up, by purifying our whole self of negativity, heaviness of Thought and Emotions. Accompanied by the celestial Sound of Monochord tuned to 528Hz, the frequency that heals the DNA.

✨Calming our Mind with Chandra Bedha Pranayam and focusing deeply on the spiritual eye while affirming “ I AM SUBMERGED IN ETERNAL LIGHT- IT PERMEATES EVERY PARTICLE OF MY BEING – I AM LIVING IN THAT LIGHT- THE DIVINE SPIRIT FILLS ME WITHIN AND WITHOUT” , from P.Yogananda Scientific Healing Affirmations. Visualizing this Light filling our whole cellular structure, subtle and physical.

May all Beings be free of Suffering and live happy and in the Light.
🙏✨🙌AUM, Shanti Shanti, AUM🙏✨🙌 Peace 🙌 Shalom🙌 Amen🙌

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‘HOW TO HEAL LIKE JESUS DID’ Paramhansa Yogananda, Superadvanced Course n.1, Lesson n.11, 1930

  1. Sit erect. gently tense and relax the whole body. Calm yourself.
  2. Touch the medulla once, in order to make it easier for you to concentrate on it. Then visualise Cosmic Energy surrounding and entering the body through the medulla and at the point between the eyebrows, and pouring into the spine.
  3. Feel the energy flowing down the whole length of the two arms into the hands .Continue tensing and relaxing and feeling the life force flow from the medulla and the point between the eye brows through the spine to the hands.
  4. Then stop tensing and firmer rub the entire bare left arm with right palm(up and down ,several times). Do the same to the right arm with the left palm.
  5. The relax, continuously visualising and willing Cosmic Energy to descend from the medulla through the arm into your hands.Now ,with closed eyes, rapidly but gently rub your palms together about twenty times.
  6. The separate the hands ,and lift the arms upward . You will fell the life current flowing from the medulla into the spine ,especially through both arms and hands , with a pricking , tingling sensation.

    Your energy-magnetized hands may be used either for curing any diseased part of your body or some other persons’s who need not be in your immediate vicinity , for it is not necessary to touch your patient . This life force passing through your hands has infinite power of projection.

    The human will and energy , imperfectly contro the human body , but the divinely transmitted will can work perfectly ,not only in healing your ailments , but also those of others , even though they be far away . You must, however , visualise your patient , and he must have faith in you. You must broadcast the healing force by moving your hands by moving your hands ,electrified by the above method , up and down in space while willing the current to pass over your patients body part . Do this in a quiet room for fifteen minutes until you feel that you have accomplished your object.

    Convert yourself into a divine battery, sending out through your hands divine healing rays whenever and wherever they may be needed , Then your hands, charged with divine power, will throw healing rays in to your patient’s heart and brain . Thus his seeds of ignorance will be destroyed , and he will smile with the health of God-love.

    Learn to convert your hands into healing batteries , so that divine currents will flow through them at will. Through this means , when properly administered , diseases of body and mind , as well as the malady of soul ignorance , have vanished under this benign touch , whether administered at close quarters or from far. Thus one becomes the fisherman of souls , that he may catch them in the net of his divine healing wisdom and present them unto God .